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Yellow Journal (YJ)

The longest-running humor and satire publication at the University. First published in 1912, discontinued in 1934, and re-launched in the 80s, The Yellow Journal is a "hot mess" of a paper with "little understanding of punctuation rules."

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL)

Young Americans for Liberty is a student activist group with the goal of promoting classic liberal/libertarian viewpoints. Efforts will be made to host informational events, hold activist campaigns, promote membership in libertarian organizations

Young Life Leadership

Young Life Leadership at the University of Virginia exists to train and equip the members in the skills and techniques of leadership in Christ in regards to adolescent ministry as described by the Young Life statement of purpose. In addition, the

Youth Inspire at the University of Virginia (Youth Inspire)

Youth Inspire partners local students with young pediatric patients at the UVa Children's Hospital to foster peer interaction and emotional/social well-being.