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Waffle Wednesday (WW)

Promoting the art of waffle making at the University.

Walking for Water (WFW)

Fundraise throughout the academic year to raise money to build wells for impoverished villages in Burkina Faso and Kenya.

Warm Up America (WUA)

Warm Up America is a national organization that knits and crochets afghans and distributes them to those in need. Students and volunteer groups knit or crochet 7in by 9in squares that are assembled into blankets and given out through Red Cross chapters,

Washington Literary Society and Debating Union (Washington Society)

The Washington Society is a group of UVA students (and graduates) dedicated to the principles of free speech and debate. We have weekly meeting with several literary presentations followed by a serious or humorous debate.

Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service

This organization has not yet updated their description.

Wesley Foundation at UVA (Wesley Foundation)

The Wesley Foundation is the United Methodist student fellowship at the University of Virginia, but we welcome people of all denominations. We have tons of great activities, including worship on Sundays at 5pm and free dinners every Thursday at 6.

West Coast Wahoos at UVA Law (West Coast Wahoos)

The West Coast Wahoos is a network for students interested in legal markets on the West Coast.

William Minor Lile Moot Court Board (Moot Court)

Approximately 100 second-year students, competing in two-person teams, hone their oral argument skills in the annual William Minor Lile Moot Court Competition. Distinguished federal and state judges preside in the semifinal and final rounds.

Women in Computing Sciences at the University of Virginia (WiCS)

Women in Computing Sciences (WiCS) is the chapter of ACM-W at the University of Virginia. WiCS supports, celebrates, and advocates for the full engagement of women in all aspects and fields of computing.

Women in Medicine Initiatives (WIMI)

Women in Medicine Initiatives (WIMI) is a peer mentoring group for pre-med women. Doctors and medical school faculty come to provide advice and opportunities such as shadowing, scribing, and research to students at our biweekly meetings.

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