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Jewish Religious Life Council (JRLC)

JRLC shall have the mission of promoting Jewish religious life at the University of Virginia. The JRLC shall work both with the Brody Jewish Center and the Jewish Leadership Council to implement its goal.

Jewish Social Connection (JSC)

The Jewish Social Connection (JSC) is led by a student-run executive board which plans social and cultural events for the University's Jewish student community. It is represented on the larger umbrella organization of the Jewish Leadership Council.

Jewish Social Justice Council (JSJC)

The Jewish Social Justice Council is committed to the concept of Tikkun Olam - repairing the world - and strives to help build unity within the Jewish community through service projects and volunteer work.


Jubilate is a Christian Choir made up of students of the University of Virginia. Our mission is to bring praise and glory to God through song.

Korean Catholic Student Ministry (KCSM)

Korean Catholic Student Ministry is an organization at St. Thomas Aquinas Church at the University of Virginia. Our mission is to aid minority students, particularly Koreans, in their daily walk with God.

Korean Community Church in Charlottesville College Group (KCCIC College Group)

a Korean-speaking Christian college group within the Korean Community Church in Charlottesville

Law Christian Fellowship (LCF)

Law Christian Fellowship (LCF) is a community of Christian law students, dedicated to growing together in fellowship and faith.

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK)

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK at UVa) is UVa's chapter of the national humanitarian organization dedicated to raising awareness about the human rights crisis in North Korea and raising funds for North Korean refugee rescues and resettlement.

Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM)

The Lutheran Campus Ministry at UVa is open to all students, and focuses on Christian fellowship, Bible study, and stewardship in the community in an intimate small-group setting. LCM is based out of St. Mark Lutheran Church on the corner of Alderman

Middle East and Islamic Student Association at Darden (MEISA)

MEISA will both provide a community for people from the Middle East or belonging to the Muslim faith and/or those interested in learning more about this culture and promote awareness and understanding about Middle Eastern and Islamic culture at Darden.