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Commerce Christian Fellowship (CCF)

CCF allows Christian Commerce students to interact with their peers and faculty while learning how to live a life of faith in the business world.

Contemplation at the University of Virginia (Contemplation@UVA)

This organization explores mindfulness, meditation and contemplative science through both active practice, academic inquiry, and direct partnership with the Contemplative Science Center. Curious? All are welcome! :) We'd love to meet you!

Coptic Orthodox Christian Association (COCA)

We are a Christian organization that reaches out to Coptic Orthodox Christians. Our goal is to grow together in fellowship while deepening our relationship with the Lord.


Cru is Campus Crusade for Christ's chapter at UVa. It exists to provide students the opportunities to grow in their understanding of Christianity and develop their faith as followers of Jesus Christ. Cru also strives to serve its greater community.

CURE at the University of Virginia (CURE)

CURE U is a faith-based organization that focuses on raising funds to support children and families in need of medical treatment in underdeveloped countries.

Darden Christian Fellowship (DCF)

The Darden Christian Fellowship (DCF) is a non-denominational Christian organization that exists to serve the Darden community and to explore the intersection of business and faith in Jesus Christ.

Darden Jewish Students Association (DJSA)

The Darden Jewish Student Association (DJSA) seeks to further the awareness of Jewish culture, tradition and history within the Darden Community through educational and social avenues

Darden Latter-day Saint Student Association (DLDSSA)

DLDSSA is a club to help members of the Darden community (students, faculty and families) maintain balance in their professional, personal and spiritual lives. It also serves as a resource for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Destino at UVa is a non-denominational ministry for men and women to experience Christ through the unique expression of Latino cultural heritage.

G.K. Chesterton Society (GKC Society)

A university theological society, The G. K. Chesterton Society at UVA brings together Christians of various denominations, creeds, and confessions to participate in theological and literary discussion, unified by Chesterton's core concept of orthodoxy.