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Abundant Life Christmas Banquet (ALCB)

The ALCB CIO organizes and executes an annual fundraiser to benefit the children served by Charlottesville Abundant Life Ministries. The fundraiser is a large banquet bringing students, community and Abundant Life members together.

Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF)

The ACF at the University of Virginia offers students and faculty the opportunity to find spiritual growth through Bible studies and in service and outreach to others. We hope to be a safe place for both Adventist and non-Adventist students to share/vent


Aletheia, Greek for ' truth', is the student ministry of Charlottesville Community Church. We want to point people to the truth of Jesus Christ. We seek to explore ideas of faith, create meaningful community, & develop multi-generational relationships

Ashtanga Yoga Virginia

Ashtanga yoga

Asian InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (AIV)

Asian InterVarsity is an ethnic-specific fellowship at UVA that seeks to know & share how Jesus Christ applies to our lives as Asian/Asian Pacific American (A/APA) students.

Athletes in Action (AIA)

Athletes in Action exists to boldly proclaim the love and truth of Jesus Christ to those uniquely impacted by sport at The University of Virginia and the greater Charlottesville community by sharing, providing and assisting in spiritual growth.

Baha'i Association

The Bahai Association is devoted to promoting the ideals of the Baha'i Faith around UVA and Charlottesville, fostering unity and providing fellowship and deepening for Baha'is and non-Baha'is at UVA.

Battleground Faith (BGF/Prince and Princess Club)

We are BGF (Prince and Princess Club), an organization that aims to uplift the young girls & boys of Westhaven (a project neighborhood in Charlottesville) through mentoring relationships, teaching about Jesus and the Bible, and involving other UVA CIOs.

Bhakti-Yoga Club (BYC)

The Bhakti Yoga Club introduces students to the sustainable lifestyle of a devotional yoga practitioner! Rather than stretch our bodies, the club explores spiritual philosophy, mantra meditation, and deeper means to stretch one's consciousness.

Black Voices Gospel Choir (BV)

Black Voices at the University of Virginia is a choir that specializes in music of the African American culture, which includes contemporary gospel as well as spirituals, hymns and anthems.

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