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Pakistani Students' Association (PSA)

The Pakistani Students' Association (PSA) is a cultural organization that wishes to promote awareness about Pakistan as a nation and Pakistanis as a people. All are welcome to join!

Pakistani-Afghan Women in Need (PAWIN)

The aim of Pakistani-Afghan Women in Need is to raise funds and donate handmade care packages to women in Pakistan and Afghanistan in order to provide immediate health-care and emergency relief.

Pancakes for Parkinson's

Pancakes for Parkinson's is an annual pancake breakfast hosted by UVA students.Our main goal is to serve those suffering from Parkinson's and their families by fundraising for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Parkour Association (PKA)

The Parkour Association is for traceurs dedicated to l'art du déplacement, the art of moving as quickly and efficiently as possible, using only the human body. We train and refine our parkour and freerunning skills both on grounds and in the gym.

Parliamentary Debate Society (APDA)

The Parliamentary Debate Society is the only competitive intercollegiate debate team at the University of Virginia that competes in the American Parliamentary Debate Association, the most competitive parliamentary college debating organization.

Patent Foundation

This organization has not yet updated their description.

Paul Robeson Players (PRP)

The Paul Robeson Players is an independent student-run Revolutionary Theatre Organization, open to anyone, but grounded in the roots of African and African-American theater traditions. Our goal is to cultivate artistic diversity in the realm of theatre.

Peanuts and Crackerjacks

The mission of Peanuts and Crackerjacks is to provide Charlottesville children with positive relationships through weekly tutoring sessions and a trip to a UVa baseball game or sporting event in the spring semester. Members also compete in IM softball.

Peer Advising Family Network (PAFN)

PAFN is one of the largest and most diverse A/APA organizations at the University of Virginia and is a pan-ethnic, multicultural program that helps incoming Asian/Asian Pacific American students with their transition into college.

Peer Health Educators (PHEs)

The Peer Health Educators (PHEs) are a diverse group of 45 U.Va. students trained to educate their classmates about college health and wellness issues in a positive, interactive, fun, and nonjudgmental manner.

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