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A Cappellate Opinions

While we will all be going pro in law, we like singing.

Advocates for Disabled Veterans (ADV)

This organization provides legal support to attorneys who represent disabled veterans in federal appellate court.

Advocates for Life at Virginia Law (AFLVL)

Advocates for Life at Virginia Law (AFL) brings together law students eager to protect the fundamental right to life of innocent human beings, and fosters balanced and open discussion about the fundamental right to life in the legal community.

American Constitution Society (ACS)

Through speakers, panels, and other events, the American Constitution Society seeks to restore to their rightful place in American law the fundamental principles of respect for human dignity, individual rights, equality, and access to justice.

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)

The Asian Pacific American Law Students Association is a resource and voice for Virginia Law students of Asian and Pacific Islander descent. APALSA promotes the welfare of its members through educational, professional, cultural, and social programs.

Barristers United of the University of Virginia (Barristers United)

Barristers United organizes recreational soccer games and represents UVA Law School in the Soccer Organization of Charlottesville-Albemarle (SOCA).

Black Graduate and Professional Student Organization at the University of Virginia (BGPSO)

The purpose of the Black Graduate and Professional Student Organization is to cultivate an environment conducive to the academic achievement of its members at the University of Virginia.

Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

BLSA was created and designed to articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of Black law students, foster and encourage professional competence, and focus upon the relationship of the Black attorney to the American legal structure.

Charlottesville Debate League (CDL)

CDL's mission is to spread the activity of debate to middle and high school students in the greater Charlottesville community by teaching debate classes and hosting competitions for debaters from different schools and of various ages.

Child Advocacy Research & Education (CARE)

CARE is a UVA Law organization that partners with organizations across the United States to advocate for children, educate the community, and assist in direct representation of children as well as policy change.

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