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FairED Club at the University of Virginia

FairED is an organization designed to offer college-application consulting to high school students through the work of college mentors, workshops, tutoring, and test preparation. FairED works closely with local schools to "fill the gap".

Fantasy Football for Charity (FFC)

We raise and donate money to selected charities through fantasy football competition.

Fashion Design Club at UVa (FDC)

Fashion Design Club allows students to express their creativity through fashion. Through design and sewing workshops & working in fashion shows/photoshoots on Grounds, students will get the opportunity to showcase their passion.

Fashion For A Cause (FFC)

Fashion For A Cause works to promote community outreach & service and cultural exchange through artistic expression, with a strong emphasis on Fashion.

FCG Consulting (FCG)

Formative Change Group (FCG) connects Batten students with opportunities to provide policy and consulting services to organizations that facilitate social change in the Greater Charlottesville Area.

Federalist Society (FedSoc)

The Society promotes an awareness and application of the following principles: that the state exists to preserve freedom; separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution; and that it is the duty of the judiciary to say what the law is.

FeelGood at UVA (FG at UVA)

FeelGood at UVA is a chapter of a national non-profit that raises money through grilled cheese sales to end global poverty sustainably by the year 2030.

Feminism Is for Everyone (FIFE)

Feminism is For Everyone (FIFE) is a feminist organization dedicated to fostering feminist community and promoting activism for gender equality at UVa and in the greater Charlottesville community.

Feminist Legal Forum (FLF)

Virginia Feminist Legal Forum is dedicated to advancing feminist discussion and awareness at the law school.

Fill The Hill (FTH)

Fill The Hill aims to improve the overall football culture at the University of Virginia. More specifically, we strive to boost student attendance, generate excitement on game-day, and increase enthusiasm for the UVA football experience as a whole.

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