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Dance Committee

Originally founded as the Campaign for Dance, Dance Committee has helped to initiate, promote, and expand UVA's dance program. The main mission of Dance Committee is to support and advocate the further development of the Dance Program at the University.

Dance Fitness Club at UVA

This club is designed to bring a free, fun, and friendship-promoting form of exercise to all students at the University of Virginia. Through dance fitness, we hope to promote healthy lifestyles and body-positive mentalities for all of our members

Dance Marathon at UVA (DM)

Each year UVa students take on the challenge to stay on their feet for 12 consecutive hours for Dance Marathon, an event that raises money to benefit the Children's Miracle Network at the University of Virginia Children's

Daniel Hale Williams Pre-Medical Honor Society (DHW)

The mission of the Daniel Hale Williams Pre-Medical Honor Society (DHW) is to increase the number of culturally capable and sensitive minority physicians, by furthering their academic and clinical success as premedical students.

Darden African Business Organization (DABO)

The mission of DABO is to contribute to the learning environment, diversity and global leadership initiative at Darden by serving as a medium for students and faculty to learn more about African business, economies, politics and culture.

Darden Business Innovation & Design Club (DBID)

The Darden Business Innovation & Design Club exists to foster a community around, promote the ideals of, and encourage career paths that incorporate design methodologies in leading organizations and facilitating innovation.

Darden Capital Management (DCM)

Darden Capital Management is a student-run organization charged with preparing its membership for careers in investment management and research as well as other functions within the financial markets.

Darden Christian Fellowship (DCF)

The Darden Christian Fellowship (DCF) is a non-denominational Christian organization that exists to serve the Darden community and to explore the intersection of business and faith in Jesus Christ.

Darden Energy Club

It is the mission of the Darden Energy Club to assist the Darden student body in gathering information about and facilitating employment in energy-related companies.

Darden Finance Club (DFC)

The Darden Finance Club serves the Darden MBA community as a comprehensive professional, social and educational organization focused on all areas of finance.

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