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AKAdeMiX Dance Crew at the University of Virginia (AKAdeMiX)

AKAdeMiX is a hip-hop dance crew that started in the Spring of 2010 in hopes to combine styles and personalities of hip hop dancing. Our mission is to expose UVA to dance and to represent the University at intercollegiate performances and competitions.

Ballroom Dance Club at the University of Virginia (Ballroom Dance Club at UVA)

The Ballroom Dance Club at UVA is a contracted independent organization (CIO) and club sport at UVA. The club seeks to promote ballroom dancing on and off Grounds, socially and competitively. Membership is open to all students, faculty, and staff.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club at the University of Virginia (BJJ Club)

Our purpose is to provide a constructive, safe, and friendly environment for UVA students to learn the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and share dank memes.

Climbing Team at the University of Virginia (Climbing Team at UVA)

We are a competitive and recreational rock climbing team. Our mission is to provide members with access to group environment rock climbing and competitive training. Virginia Climbing will help to provide access to indoor and outdoor rock climbing

Club Baseball at UVA (Club Baseball)

Club Baseball is a composition of well skilled players that compete on a weekly basis throughout the school year. We practice 2-3 times a week and play a fall season of about 15 games and a spring season of about 20 games.

Club Figure Skating at UVA (CFSatUVA)

For figure skaters (both experienced and beginner) interested in skating for fun, fitness, and competition. There are many opportunities for travel, competitions, exhibitions, off-ice training, and social events.

Club Table Tennis at UVA (VCTT)

Club Table Tennis at UVA provides an opportunity for members of the University community to practice and play recreational and competitive table tennis throughout the year.

Club Wrestling at UVa (Club Wrestling)

Club wrestling at the University of Virginia is a club which allows students of all skill levels to train and compete in the sport of wrestling.

Cycling Club

The Cycling Team is comprised of serious racers to novice enthusiasts. The Team competes throughout the year in the ACCC conference and holds regular weekly training rides. Team events such as training seminars, parties, fundraisers, and meetings are

Darden Soccer Club (Darden Soccer Club)

The Darden Soccer Club will schedule regular pick-up games and sponsor teams from the Darden School of Business to compete in MBA soccer tournaments around the country.

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