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Cadet Activity Fund

This organization supports extracurricular activities for Air Force ROTC cadets and their guests.

Camp Kesem at the University of Virginia (Camp Kesem at UVA)

Camp Kesem is a free weeklong sleepaway camp for children whose parents have or have had cancer. The organization is self-sustainable through fundraising and is completely student run and operated on a volunteer basis.

Campus Kitchen at the University of Virginia (CK at UVA)

The Campus Kitchen at the University of Virginia is a local chapter of the national Campus Kitchens Project based in Washington, D.C. Our organization specifically strives to relieve hunger in the local Charlottesville community.

Canterbury Episcopal Fellowship (Canterbury)

Canterbury is a Christian fellowship for Episcopal students, or anyone looking for a welcoming, affirming Christian organization. We are based out of St. Paul's Memorial Church and gather regularly in fellowship, worship and service.

Carpenter's Kids at the University of Virginia (CK @ UVA)

This organization partners students at UVa with the Carpenter's Kids organization of Dodoma, Tanzania in its mission to provide basic educational support for local parishes as well as foster annual joint student-parish development projects in Tanzania.

Catholic Hoos

Catholic Hoos serves to further the mission of St. Thomas Aquinas University Parish as an integral part of its undergraduate campus ministry.

Cavalier Capital at UVA (CavCap)

We strive to teach students the elementary fundamentals of investing. Our CIO will be structured with each member managing a semester-long simulated investment portfolio, while keeping them participating through accountability measures.

Cavalier Christian Fellowship (CCF)

Cavalier Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational Christian fellowship on grounds at the University of Virginia that welcomes Christians and non-Christians alike. We seek to honor God in all we do, and recognize Christ as our Lord and Savior.

Cavalier Judo

Cav Judo promotes the practice of judo, an Olympic sport and martial art. The Japanese word "judo" means "the gentle way," referring to how good judo players often turn an opponent's movement against them.

Cavalier Student Entrepreneurs (CSE)

Cavalier Student Entrepreneurs is a student organization devoted to providing student brand representatives with a community to network.

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