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Baha'i Association

The Bahai Association is devoted to promoting the ideals of the Baha'i Faith around UVA and Charlottesville, fostering unity and providing fellowship and deepening for Baha'is and non-Baha'is at UVA.

Baking Club

This club aims to teach people how to bake and/or provide somewhere for students who share such common interest to utilize their baking skills.

Ballroom Dance Club at the University of Virginia (Ballroom Dance Club at UVA)

The Ballroom Dance Club at UVA is a contracted independent organization (CIO) and club sport at UVA. The club seeks to promote ballroom dancing on and off Grounds, socially and competitively. Membership is open to all students, faculty, and staff.

Barristers United of the University of Virginia (Barristers United)

Barristers United organizes recreational soccer games and represents UVA Law School in the Soccer Organization of Charlottesville-Albemarle (SOCA).

Batten School Council (Batten Council)

The Batten Student Council represents the needs and interests of Batten School students. It helps to enrich their academic experience by encouraging community outreach, special events and professional development activities.

Batten Undergraduate Council (BUC)

The Batten Undergraduate Council will facilitate relationships between students, faculty, and administration, foster a sense of community and professionalism among our students, and maintain an active role in the undergraduate major admissions process.

Battleground Faith (BGF/Prince and Princess Club)

We are BGF (Prince and Princess Club), an organization that aims to uplift the young girls & boys of Westhaven (a project neighborhood in Charlottesville) through mentoring relationships, teaching about Jesus and the Bible, and involving other UVA CIOs.

Be the Match (BTM)

Be the Match at the U.Va. works to advocate the registration of potential marrow transplant donors. Be the Match will not only add people the National Marrow Donor Registry, but will also educate the community about the importance of marrow transplants.

Beach Volleyball Club (BVC)

The purpose fo the Beach Volleyball Club is to allow people who enjoy playing volleyball, regardless of skill-level, to play volleyball weekly in an environment which has friendly competition.

Best Buddies at UVA (Best Buddies)

The Best Buddies chapter at UVA is a branch of the international organization dedicated to promoting social inclusion for people with intellectual & developmental disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships with UVA students.

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