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Advertising and Marketing Association at the University of Virginia (AMA)

AMA is an organization committed to the study of advertising and marketing. Events include guest lectures, case competitions, field trips, networking events, design workshops, and a mentorship program. All years and majors are welcome to join.

Advocates for Disabled Veterans (ADV)

This organization provides legal support to attorneys who represent disabled veterans in federal appellate court.

Advocates for Females in Research and Medicine (AFFIRM)

Women in science and medicine face unique challenges and obstacles that can hinder career advancement and overall success. We are an organization devoted to supporting the women of UVA's MSTP.

Advocates for Life at Virginia Law (AFL)

Advocates for Life at Virginia Law (AFL) brings together law students eager to protect the fundamental right to life of all human beings and fosters balanced and open discussion about the fundamental right to life in the legal community.

Aero Design Team at UVa/Hoos Flying (Hoos Flying)

Hoos Flying is a group that uses classroom knowledge to design, build, and fly a radio controlled airplane. The team participates in a competition held at the end of each academic year sponsored by a professional organization, such as AIAA or SAE.

Afghan Student Association (ASA)

The Afghan Student Association is a cultural organization created to promote awareness about Afghan culture at the University through events and keynote speakers. We aim to work with other organizations and bring together Afghans around grounds.

Agricultural Innovation Club (Future Farming Club)

This organization connects innovative and passionate students looking to learn more about the technology that will ensure food security for an ever growing human population facing multiple environmental challenges.

AIESEC at University of Virginia (AIESEC at UVA)

With tens of thousands of opportunities in our global network, we enable you to discover and activate your potential. Transform yourself with life changing experiences abroad that will redefine the way you see yourself, and of the world.

AKAdeMiX Dance Crew at the University of Virginia (AKAdeMiX)

AKAdeMiX is a hip-hop dance crew that started in the Spring of 2010 in hopes to combine styles and personalities of hip hop dancing. Our mission is to expose UVA to dance and to represent the University at intercollegiate performances and competitions.

Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library (Small Special Collections Library)

The Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library administers over 13 million manuscripts, 3.6 million items in the University archives, and 325,000 rare books, as well as approximately 5,000 maps, over 4,000 broadsides; more than 250,000