Parent Organization: Contracted Independent Organizations

There are three main branches of Virginia Chess Club - Sports, Social, and Service. Please note that you do not need to play chess to join us since most of the players in our club are not great chess players. We are also happy to help you improve if you want help. 

We are home of the biggest college competitive chess team in Virginia and is currently the Virginia State Collegiate Champion. We host practice every week in libraries for our team members but other people who are interested in playing competitively can also attend. Currently, we are attending two major tournaments every year: United States Amateur Team East in Parsippany, New Jersey, and The Virginia State Chess Championship in Virginia. 

We are also working very closly with a local volunteering organization - Playing ACES Chess, to teach elementary school children chess and promote chess around charlottesville area by hosting joint events with ACES. Currently, we are working on bringing in chess programs in high school and eventually start a local chess league. 

Finally, we are also a social club with a bunch of cool people who likes to play chess and have fun. Come join us in our weekly meetings to just chill and chat. We also host at least two parties every semester. 

Address Newcomb Hall, PO Box 400715, SAC Box 459
Charlottesville, VA 22904
United States