Parent Organization: Contracted Independent Organizations

Nursing Students Without Borders empowers under-served communities through health education, the creation of networks to access health care resources and the distribution of material donations--while expanding the perspective of the nursing student.

We finished funding the creation of a clinic in San Sebastian, El Salvador over the last year and they are now up and running!  Our current efforts are geared toward raising money to fill their clinic with the medical supplies and technology they need to provide excellent care to their community.  We have sent two trips of students down there this year to strengthen our relationship with the community and they had a very enriching and memorable experience and the community really welcomes us with open arms.  

We are also involved in our local Charlottesville community and hold educational and health promotion events for everyone from the homeless population to local children.

Check our facebook page for upcoming events! 

Address 225 Jeanette Lancaster Way
Charlottesville, VA 22903