Parent Organization: Contracted Independent Organizations

GSCB is a graduate student oriented organization dedicated to educating graduate students at the University of Virginia about the consulting industry and other non-academia career opportunities and helping students for successful careers within them.

The objective of the club is to provide its members with opportunities to explore other career options beyond academia, primarily focusing on the consulting industry but not limited to it. The club will arrange various networking events to enable students to interact with professionals, like consultants from top firms, in an informal atmosphere. This will enable students to better understand the industries in which the professionals work.

Additionally, the club will educate graduate students about the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the consulting recruiting and interview process. The club will provide both case interview practice materials and coordinate practice groups to help members prepare for case interviews.

The club will also provide students with social and professional opportunities to network with other club members with similar interests, as well as with recruiters and alumni.